Collins Street, Melbourne

An Active Reactor trial was conducted in conjunction with the City of Melbourne along Collins Street, Melbourne’s premier street in the central business district. 68 x 400W metal halide Active Reactor luminaires were installed along with 12 x 400W metal halide Control luminaires fitted with standard ballasts. Energy and lumen levels were measured, with independent observers, over the 36 month trial period.

The cumulative energy saving associated with the Active Reactors was just over 20%. This was a little higher than the expected 18% but was attributed to the over voltage supply in the city late at night. The Active Reactor acts as a regulator and so achieves greater energy savings in over voltage supply situations.

The control group of lights depreciated rapidly in flux and had only 54% of the flux of the Active Reactor group after 36 months of operation. The Active Reactor lights, as expected, operated at constant lumen output over the 36 month period of the trial.